Executive and Governance Office


Senate is, by statute, the supreme governing and executive body of the University in all academic matters. It normally meets six times per year. Subject to the powers reserved to Court and Council, it is responsible for taking such measures and acting in such a manner as is best calculated to promote the interests of the University as a place of education, learning and research. Its detailed responsibilities include the regulation and control of teaching; the encouragement of research; academic staff training; and the conduct of examinations. Senate has delegated many of its responsibilities in curricular and teaching matters to the University Education Committee.

The membership of Senate, which at 36 is small by national standards, is largely elected or appointed and comprises: 11 ex officio members (including three students), 20 members elected from the University overall, one other student, one lay member of Council and up to three co-opted members.

Senate reports to Council on the academic implications of, for example, financial, staff, student or property issues.