Executive and Governance Office

Academic Board

Academic Board in its present form was created by Statute 32 and its proceedings are governed by Statutes 32-36. It was conceived primarily for the purpose of keeping the general body of academic staff in touch with the governing bodies of the University and to provide an opportunity for discussion of large issues of policy and common matters of interest. As a result of Senate decisions, the membership of the Board now includes all staff on Grade E and above.

Meetings of the Board are held annually, usually in May, but other meetings may be held at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor or at the request of not fewer than 25 members of the Academic Board. The Vice-Chancellor reports on current and future developments but a wide variety of topics have been discussed since the Board was established. There is provision for members to submit motions and to request the inclusion on the agenda of topics for discussion.

Academic Board is administered by the Governance section.