Language Resource Centre

Distance & Online Resources

Online and distance learning resources available through the Language Resource Centre.


The LRC provides access to a variety of study resources:

  • World TV & Film (IPTV) - our video streaming platform with content in over 100 languages.
  • Language learning software such as uTalk (access provided following completion of LRC membership form), Transparent Language (contact the LRC for access) and Sanako Pronounce (as of July 2023 only available in the LRC).
  • A Canvas community with access to online learning materials e.g. Clarity English, Learning to Learn guides and lists of resources available in the physical Centre in the Old Library Building.
  • A new Online Tandem Board to help members find language exchange partners, request access by filling in this form.

Check back regularly to see updates to this page as we add more resources and services.

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You can become a member of the LRC by registering here. More information about our membership is available in this section.

Further information and guidance for members of staff in regard to resources and support available from Newcastle University are available here.

World TV & Film

Our online video streaming platform, available on and off campus.

Access our World TV & Film (IPTV) platform via We host 10000+ items in over 100 languages - feature length films, TV programmes and documentaries, as well as online learning materials.

Content is categorised by language and is also searchable by Language, Title, Description, Writer/Director, etc. 

PCs in the LRC also have access to live international television channels in a range of languages. Search for Live TV Channels on any PC in the Centre.


  • "Extra subtitles and bonus content" categories - contain additional language provision such as dubbed versions of films, a more varied selection of subtitle languages (check the "Languages and subtitles" field for item information).
  • "History & Culture" categories - contain documentaries which may not be in the target language but are relevant to the language, region, culture or society.
  • "Teach Yourself" categories - contain online learning materials in the target language.
  • Custom categories - categories set up by lecturers which contain items specific to their modules or of particular relevance to specific subjects.


Transparent Language - 100+ languages

  • Online language learning platform with access to many languages, including different dialects and provision for different language speakers (e.g. English language learning courses for speakers of 25+ languages).
  • Flexible learning path and activities to build all four core skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • For access, email - we are experiencing very high demand for access to this resource, you will be added to a waiting list and informed when log in credentials become available.

uTalk - A range of languages

  • Language learning app for beginners looking to get started in a language and intermediates looking to fill in gaps in their vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Accessible here online for desktop PCs and for Android/iOS devices.
  • Access to uTalk is changing due to new licensing rules. Access is provided following completion of the LRC membership form.

Sanako Pronounce - 6 languages

  • Pronunciation practice software - listen to model pronunciation, record your voice and get automated feedback.
  • Access to: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian (feedback limited), Spanish.
  • Now only accessible in the LRC.

Clarity English - software suite

  • Access to online learning resources via the LRC's Canvas community.
  • Road to IELTS, Study Skills Success, Practical Writing and Clear Pronunciation Sounds - improve your English, prepare for your IELTS examinations, improve your academic writing skills, etc.

Your Requests

Below are responses to requests and suggestions LRC members have submitted via this survey. The survey remains open - submit your requests and we will do our best to source materials for you!

"Documentaries about art, business, history, etc."

"More resources in Chinese with Pinyin subtitles."

  • All items with Chinese language subtitles are available here - we will continue adding more.

Academic writing skills materials.

"Much more recent French films."

Feature length materials in German and Dutch.

JLPT Japanese-Language Proficiency Test materials.

FRE1071 materials (recommendations from lecturers).

Check this page regularly for more links and responses to your requests!

For Schools & Parents

Are you looking for materials for a particular language and level? Get in touch with us via and we will try to source some materials for you.

Free resources for a variety of languages and levels: