Centre for Rural Economy

Staff Profile

Dr Andrew Donaldson

Senior Lecturer



Andrew has a background in natural and social sciences. His current work sits at the interface of Science and Technology Studies, Geography and Environmental Planning.

Roles and Responsibilities

Associate Director of Planning

Chair of Board of Examiners (Planning)


BSc (Hons) Biology, University of York
MSc (Distinction) Rural Resource and Countryside Management, Newcastle University
PhD, Newcastle University

Honours and Awards

Awarded 2008 Ashby Prize for most innovative paper in Environment and Planning A.


Research Interests

My research concerns environmental knowledges - the ways in which we understand and govern more-than-human worlds. I explore these questions within and between various sciences, academic disciplines, professional groups and publics. Empirically this work has focussed on rural land management, flooding and various aspects of agrifood systems. Across those contexts, I have also looked at how environmental knowledges and expertise interact with other governing concepts, such as: futures/risk/security, critical infrastructures, and interdisciplinarity and participation/public engagement. One current line of my research is concerned with how digital technologies shape environmental knowledges and government. 

Research Projects

Making Provisions: anticipating food emergencies and assembling the food system (January 2015- April 2017) ESRC funded, Principal Investigator

Managing borderlands: adaptive decision making amongst specialists and non-specialists (April 2010 –January 2012) ESRC/BBSRC/NERC funded, Co-Investigator

Science in the Field: Understanding the Changing Role of Expertise in the Rural Economy (April 2008-September 2010) ESRC funded, Co-Investigator.

The Everyday Life of Surveillance, (2008-2010) ESRC funded seminar series, Co-Investigator.

Understanding Environmental Knowledge Controversies (March 2007-May 2010)

ESRC/BBSRC/NERC funded, Affiliated researcher and manager of Newcastle component.

Postgraduate Supervision


Jeongeun Chae "What makes a community resilient to a flood disaster? A case of Seoul in South Korea"


Dr Tessa Holland "Navigating slow, 'fast' and crafted knowledges: knowing through Cittalsow" (Completed 2018)

Dr Alex Baker "The machinery of eviction: bailiffs, power, resistance and eviction enforcement practices in England and Wales" (Completed 2017)

Dr Helen Coulson "Ecologies of care: an ethnographic study of collective urban food gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland" (Completed 2016)

Dr Paul Cowie "In-Migrant Networks and Knowledge Economies in Rural England" (Completed 2013)

Dr Elizabeth Charles "Community Supported Agriculture in North East England" (Completed 2012)

Dr Justin Armstrong "Veterinary Expertise in the Rural Economy and Policy Making" (Completed 2011)

Dr Richard Lee "Setting Science-Based International Food Standards: Defining Dietary Fibre in the Codex Alimentarius Commission" (Completed 2010)

Dr Katy Wilkinson "Bureaucracy and other stories: Organizing policymaking in DEFRA" (Completed 2009)

Dr Gary Bosworth "Entrepreneurial in-migrants and economic development in rural England" (Completed 2008)


Undergraduate Teaching

TCP1025 Social Worlds

TCP1026 Understanding place

TCP3060 Feeding the City

TCP3056 Disasters, Monsters and Mess (Module leader)


Postgraduate Teaching

TCP8929 Planning, Power and People (module leader)

TCP8911 Research Design