Centre for Rural Economy

Consumer behaviour, food consumption and demand

Consumer behaviour, food consumption and demand

Everyone needs to eat. What we eat has consequences for our health and for the environment.

It can vary enormously by culture and individual needs and choice.

Looking after our food supplies

Security of our food supply does not only involve growing and importing enough to sustain us.

It also requires consumption, now and in the future, to be:

  • sustainable
  • safe
  • nutritious
  • environmentally friendly

Our research 

Researchers in CRE work with:

  • primary producers
  • industry
  • other key stakeholders
  • consumer

We seek to understand what drives our food-related decisions. We look at how these choices have important implications for policymaking.

We carry out research in the UK and also take part in projects across Europe and the world.

This is at a time when food habits and demand are changing. Climate change also threatens to influence supply.