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Rural economy and innovation

Rural economy and innovation

Rural businesses contribute considerably to national and regional economies. They keep pace with or exceed urban growth.

Blind spot in policy

But rural firms have been a blind spot within policy analysis and government policy.

Agricultural production is just one, relatively small, part of this diverse rural economy.

Our research

We need more research to ensure rural firms, small or home-based, reach full potential. They play their part in growing the national economy.

For example, the internet has given rural firms access to much greater markets at home and abroad. More of them say they have goods they could export than are currently doing so.

As Brexit approaches, it is particularly important. Policymakers in the UK need to have a better understanding of:

  • how this variety of rural businesses operate
  • how the whole rural economy knits together
  • what they can do to tap into their potential for innovation and growth

Rural enterprise can add value to economies in the UK, within Europe, and across the world.

Trade Show Floor
A trade show for rural businesses.