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Cultures, identities and creative economies

Cultures, identities and creative economies

Creative industries, from digital firms to individual artists, are growing in importance in the UK economy.

Rural areas attractive ... with the right infrastructure

Rural areas are increasingly attractive for such developments. This is as long as the requisite infrastructure is available.

They can also be both successful and lucrative. They can provide employment. They can link with a wider community of artistic and creative practitioners.

Our research

The arts are increasingly seen as helping to build a sense of identity. They're enhancing community governance and research supports this.

Book, art and film festivals are concrete examples of this kind of development.

Artists in residence can work with communities to both mine and build evidence.

CRE has worked closely with arts organisations over several years to set up such schemes. These include Berwick Visual Arts and Visual Arts in Rural Communities.

The Art of Milk
The Art of Milk is a project we've been involved with.