Centre for Rural Economy

Policy Notes

Policy Notes

These policy notes draw out implications for policy from our research, and raise issues for future investigation.

How can Newcastle University engage more effectively with rural businesses
Policy Note 01 (PDF: 125KB)

Realising the economic potential of rural areas in the UK
Policy Note 02 (PDF: 150KB)

What do ecosystem services offer the UK rural economy?
Policy Note 03 (PDF: 90KB)

Landscape-scale agri-environment schemes could be more effective for both farmers and the natural environment
Policy Note 04 (PDF: 135KB)

Affordable housing and inequality in rural Britain
Policy Note 05 (PDF: 165KB)

What role do beekeepers play in bee health? 
Policy Note 06 (PDF: 60KB)

How do land managers and advisers access new knowledge?
Policy Note 07 (PDF: 65KB)

What policy issues are involved in the breeding of genetically modified food animals?
Policy Note 08 (PDF: 125KB)

Moving to the countryside: why counter-urbanisation matters
Policy Note 09 (PDF: 130KB)

What part does public perception play in the development of a risk-benefit communication strategy about food?
Policy Note 10 (PDF: 225KB)

Maintaining the vitality and viability of market towns
Policy Note 11 (PDF: 125KB)

Community renewable energy for rural communities
Policy Note 12 (PDF: 165KB)

What is the problem with rural broadband in the UK?
Policy Note 13 (PDF: 165KB)

How do upland farmers earn a living and is their situation sustainable?
Policy Note 14 (PDF: 60KB)

How could local food groups influence policy effectively?
Policy Note 15 (PDF: 160KB)

Life in the countryside: rural idyll or rural disadvantage?
Policy Note 16 (PDF: 140KB)

What are the implications of a greying UK countryside?
Policy Note 17 (PDF: 120KB)

How do rural creative firms contribute to growth?
Policy Note 18 (PDF: 115KB)

Is Romanian subsistence farming a survival strategy?
Policy Note 19 (PDF: 115KB)

Could water harvesting technologies be more effective in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Policy Note 20 (PDF: 115KB)

What can Ireland and England learn from one another’s rural planning policies?
Policy Note 21 (PDF: 210KB)

Understanding urban sprawl and its underlying causes
Policy Note 22 (PDF: 115KB)

Why do farmers participate in agri-environment schemes?
Policy Note 23 (PDF: 115KB)

Could the arts play a bigger role in rural development?
Policy Note 24 (PDF: 115KB)

Successful stakeholder engagement in environmental management
Policy Note 25 (PDF: 55KB)

Improving competitiveness of the EU agri-food sector
Policy Note 26 (PDF: 55KB)