Centre for Rural Economy

Co-production, knowledge exchange and expertise

Co-production, knowledge exchange and expertise

Academics are not the only source of expertise informing rural policy and practice.

Research results are not an end in themselves. They must deliver tangible results for stakeholders and the public.

Collaborative research

Increasingly, researchers are working with people who have different kinds of expertise, perhaps:

  • particular skills
  • understanding of particular places
  • specific experience

They're keen to produce knowledge that can be of immediate use to:

  • industries
  • communities
  • policymakers
  • other stakeholders

Our aspiration

The aspiration of CRE is not just for more science or expertise.

We want better informed and skilled citizens and communities. Through their expertise they can tackle their own problems. They can learn more efficiently from elsewhere.

This process itself provides a rich source of material for research. We begin to map the ways we can achieve these aims most effectively.

We're working with a variety of stakeholders to improve knowledge for rural communities.