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Community cohesion, planning and social justice

Community cohesion, community planning and social justice

A common understanding, shared vision and sense of belonging is important for communities.

Rural communities have become increasingly diverse.

This is due to increased mobility arising from internal and international migration. It has resulted in the arrival of a multiplicity of newcomers.

Ensuring positive relations between these different social groups can be challenging. But it leads to the creation of vibrant and healthy communities.

That can only happen where there is genuine respect for diversity across a range of domains.

These include gender, race and ethnicity. We need appreciation of the value of diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

The third sector and statutory agencies are important players in this process.

Our research

Research and engagement can help to identify barriers and address challenges. These can be individual and community issues.

This will enable them to overcome all kinds of inequalities.

Innovative research that engages with stakeholders and ensures co-production of knowledge is key.

Fruit picking in farming has relied on migrant workers.
Fruit picking in farming has relied on migrant workers traditionally.