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Public policy, governance and rural development

Public policy, governance and rural development

The Common Agricultural Policy has shaped rural policy and development in the UK.

European influence

This has largely been the case while we've been members of the European Union. Subsidies for farmers have been routine in the form of the Single Farm Payment.

Schemes have tried to encourage farmers to farm in an environmentally friendly way. Funding streams, such as LEADER, have been available to fund rural development.

Critics might question the success of these initiatives.

Changing political landscape

After Brexit this landscape will change completely.

The UK and devolved governments will have to create new policy to achieve these outcomes.

Evidence is vital to inform the design of policies. New approaches to evaluation will help policymakers.

They will measure how successful policy has been in the past. They will also ensure those created for the future are more effective.

Rural business opportunities will change with Brexit. The picture displays a signpost with Britain and Europe going in opposite directions.
We look at how policy will be affected by changing political landscapes.