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CRE prepares to welcome an eminent visitor

One of the world’s leading academics in the field of rural sociology, Professor Bettina Bock, will be spending a month visiting the Centre for Rural Economy in the forthcoming academic year.  Professor Bock is based both at Wageningen University and University of Groningen and is editor in chief of the prestigious journal Sociologia Ruralis.  Her research has focused on: rural entrepreneurship; governance and gender; production ethics; and, currently, the main challenge in Europe: spatial disparity and the marginalisation of rural areas, particularly the role of mobility and social innovation. Most of Prof Bock’s research is comparative and internationally oriented.   The visit is being funded under Newcastle University’s  University Research Committee Visiting Professors scheme which aims to bring academics who are eminent in their field to Newcastle to contribute to the work being carried out here.

published on: 17 August 2016