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A team of academics from across the North East are trying to answer the question of how the rural north of England can thrive post-Brexit? Join them at their latest workshop at The Sill.

One year on from our first workshop, the fog of Brexit still lingers. However, in that year significant changes have taken place that will have an impact on the direction the rural north of England will take.

Building on the first workshop, a team from Newcastle, Cumbria and Northumbria Universities have been working on a report that maps out the likely impact of both Brexit and other policy changes affecting the region.

This workshop, at The Sill Landscape Discovery Centre in Northumberland, will share some of the findings of that research project.

They include two possible scenarios, one positive - one negative, for the future of the rural north of England.

The workshop, on Monday 17 September from 12:30 to 16:30, will then ask participants to create a vision for the rural north going forward.

The last few places are still available to book.

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published on: 13 September 2018