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What lies ahead for UK agriculture?

Early results about potential effects of different Brexit scenarios are beginning to emerge from a project “How might UK agriculture thrive or survive?” led from the Centre for Rural Economy.

The UK agri-food system will be one of the sectors most seriously affected by the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Not only is the sector reliant on trade relations within and beyond the EU, it is also heavily dependent upon migrant labour and is currently heavily subsidised and regulated under the Common Agricultural Policy.

The project is part of the ESRC funded UK in a Changing Europe programme and aims to provide policymakers with information for decision making in the future.

Principal Investigator Dr Carmen Hubbard said: “We are investigating the implications of different arrangements for trade after Brexit and in each of these there are likely to be winners and losers, particularly depending on whether sectors are net importers or net exporters and will vary across different types of farm. 

"We are also looking at the potential effects on ‘sensitive segments’ of the industry such as hill farming.”

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The UK agri-food system will be seriously affected by Brexit.

published on: 17 November 2017