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Post-Brexit Policy: What’s the deal?

CRE Research Associate Dr Amy Proctor presented at the British Science Festival in Hull on 12th September 2018.

A sold-out session at the festival explored how Brexit might affect UK policy evaluation.

Amy, along with colleagues from the Centre for Evaluation of Complexity across the Nexus (CECAN), debated complexity and wicked issues in policy evaluation.

They drew upon recent CRE research exploring new approaches to waste crime and rural development policy evaluation.  

Biggest challenges in living memory

Brexit means government policy is undergoing some of the biggest changes in living memory. This includes for example, some of the biggest changes to farming in a generation.

Many policies are likely to be reimagined, but will anyone ever ask whether they are working?

Government already does some evaluation, but in complex settings it poses particular challenges.

In this session, CECAN researchers considered how new methods and approaches to evaluation, development and testing, in a participative way and in real-world policy settings with partners in Defra and the Environment Agency, could help to dive into complexity in evaluation with rigour.

Check out Amy's presentation

published on: 26 September 2018