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Researchers awarded prize at Northumberland County Show

Researchers from the Centre for Rural Economy were awarded a prize for their stand at the County Show over the Spring Bank Holiday. Dr Amy Proctor and Dr Beth Clark used the event, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors, to explore how the public perceive and respond to issues around endemic livestock disease. Accompanied by Martha, a large wooden cow, the researchers asked members of the public to respond to questions about farm animal disease, health and welfare – themes central to their Wellcome Trust-funded FIELD project.

The researchers were commended by the judge for their efforts to engage the public and for the interactivity of their stand.

Project PI, Amy Proctor said “We were delighted so many people wanted to participate in the activity and were really struck by how much the public engaged in the issues around animal welfare”.

The award at the show follows on from another successful event at Newcastle’s Grainger Market in early May which got the public to play a decision-making game, taking on the role of a dairy farmer. Participants had to make several different choices in relation to animal health and welfare, whilst trying to manage a tight budget. The activity had almost 200 participants, with over 50 of these going onto to take part in additional interviews with members of the team to discuss the choices they made during the task, their information sources around farming, and animal welfare, health and disease more generally.

For more information about the project and to stay up to date with the latest events visit the project website.

Prize-winning researchers at Northumberland County Show
Researchers Awarded Prize at Northumberland County Show

published on: 3 July 2019