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What is stopping upland farms in England from increasing their productivity?

New CRE research reveals barriers constraining the productivity of upland farming

Agricultural productivity in the UK has fallen behind many of our competitors.  An important contribution to this fall is the reduction in productivity of upland farming, which, in England, covers 17% of agricultural land in England (some 2.2 million ha).  A new study led by Dr Jeremy Franks explores the impacts of resource constraints on the productivity of upland farms in England.  Based on a survey of 124 upland farmers, this report details the constraints that face these farmers, the impact of these constraints on farm performance and the barriers that prevent farmers from removing them. To read the full report go to:

CRE Research Report 63: Barriers to raising productivity on upland farms in England

Sheep on Cheviot
Sheep on cheviot

published on: 12 September 2019