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How can we increase consumer acceptance of products from aquaculture as part of a resilient UK food system? How can we ensure the public consumes enough fish and seafood in their diet?

Diverseafood is based on the principle that change is integral to aquaculture socio-ecological and economic systems, and its consideration in aquaculture management systems is key to assure resilience. Diversifying seafood consumption and production, through sustainable approaches such as Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA), could improve resilience of aquaculture systems to changes and derive sustainable benefits. 

The consumer WP aims to drive resilience and more sustainable consumption that replaces animal proteins with marine proteins, by studying the barriers consumers face in their choice of fish and seafood. The WP studies real consumer choices of fish and seafood in UK consumers over a two-year, to understand how COVID impacted seafood sales, and particularly observing how price, promotion, and availability help consumers in consuming more marine protein sources. This study of sales is complemented by a sensory study to explore sensorial barriers to the acceptability of fish from aquaculture, to help inform potential for diversification of consumption. 

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