Centre for Rural Economy


Evaluation of the Project Management Function for the Development of the North East Rural Estates Framework

The Development of the North East Rural Estates Framework was a project that commenced in January 2006 and would culminate in March 2007 with the launch of a full delivery plan for the programme.

Meanwhile a pilot project involving four estates would run over the summer months of 2006. The aim of the framework was to support estates in the region to maximise the contribution they made to rural regeneration and in supporting sustainable rural communities.

To run in parallel to the main project, this evaluation had been commissioned to examine the project management methodology in use and carry out an evidence based evaluation of the processes and outcomes of the project. This study was designed to be more than an audit, complementing the main project by offering practical advice and support to the Framework Project delivery team ensuring that the North East Rural Estates Framework met its objectives and delivered on time. The project involved two work-streams. The first focused on the deliverables of the project (estate development plans, advisory network, evidence base, etc.) and the second focused on the project management methodology being implemented by the project consultants.