Centre for Rural Economy


Integrated Tools to Design and Implement Agro Environmental Schemes (ITAES)

ITAES is the acronym for ‘Integrated Tools to Design and Implement Agri-Environmental Schemes’, a specific targeted research project of the EU sixth Framework Programme.

ITAES combined environmental, economic, social and institutional concerns of sustainable development with the overall objective of providing an integrated framework for the design and evaluation of agri-environment schemes. The project was organised in nine multidisciplinary themes (work packages) involving nine academic institutions across Europe. The CRE team, Guy Garrod and Eric Ruto, were involved in Work Package 7, which had as its main objective the investigation of farmers’ preferences for the design attributes of agri-environment schemes. This would be achieved through a stated preference modelling exercise integrated within a larger ITAES survey instrument targeting at least 200 farmers in the North-East of England (and in each case study country) using face-to-face interviews. It was envisaged that the results of the study would greatly inform the design of agri-environment policy and help to improve the effectiveness of policy.