Centre for Rural Economy


The energy climate food security NEXUS: Developing a multi stakeholder deliberative governance model in Northern Ireland

The project explores and addresses the regional impacts in Northern Ireland of the global energy-climate-food security nexus.

The focus is primarily on global energy availability and climate change and their impacts on regional food security. 

The energy-climate-food security nexus is characterized by complex interactions and uncertainty. It is not amenable to solutions limited to any one technical approach or academic discipline.

‘Solutions’ applied in one domain, such as energy, may exacerbate climate change, and contribute to degradation of water and agricultural resources. Nexus problem-solving is often a contested process involving diverse and competing stakeholder perspectives and interests.

It therefore requires a multi-stakeholder approach that promotes inclusive dialogue, and facilitates collaborative learning and action. 

This project will adopt a participatory scenario planning methodology to engage a wide range of stakeholders in addressing the regional impacts of the global energy-climate-food security nexus.

presentation:  The Climate-Energy-Food Security Nexus (PDF 2.50MB)