Executive Office

Membership of Council 2021-22

Chair - Mr Paul Walker (2023)
Vice-Chair - Mrs Heidi Mottram (2023)

Ex officio members

The Vice-Chancellor and President - Professor Chris Day
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost - Professor Julie Sanders
Treasurer - Mrs Angela Russell (2024)

Appointed Members

Members appointed by and from Senate (2 professorial, 1 non-professorial)

Professor Daniel Siemens (2023)
Professor David Thwaites (2023)
Dr Phillip Lord (2023)

One member elected by and from the Academic staff of the University

Dr Jan Deckers (2024)

One member elected by and from the Professional Services staff of the University

Mrs Jo Geary (2024)

Members appointed by Council (10 to 13 lay)

Mr David Bird (2024)
Mr Tom Caulker (2022)
Mrs Linda Conlon (2024)
Mr Jonathan Glass (2022)
Dame Teresa Graham (2022)
Mr Bill MacLeod (2023)
Ms Claire Morgan (2023)
Ms Dianne Nelmes (2024)
Professor Sir Michael Rawlins (2023)
Mr Nitin Shukla (2022)
Ms Angela Woodburn (2024)
Ms Vicky Wright (2023)

Two student members elected by the Students' Union

Ms Abbie Hutchinson
Ms Livia Scott

Role of Council Members

Register of Interests