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Animal Sciences

We are an internationally recognised centre of excellence in integrative animal science.

Our ethos

We draw on fundamental research and apply it to areas of societal, industrial and policy importance.

Our ethos is to utilise high quality animal science to address challenges facing society. Our research involves species including livestock, laboratory and companion animal species.

Our research strategy

Our research extends from the molecular to the whole animal.

The main areas of research are:

  • assessing welfare and improving the wellbeing of animals
  • developing more sustainable livestock systems
  • investigating basic mechanisms underpinning animal function

Our teaching activities

Our teaching underpins degree programmes in:

Our collaborations

In order to address societal, industrial and policy questions, we have developed a number of successful partnerships. They widen our research capacity and help us better realise the research impact.

This has included collaborations in:

  • business management
  • food chain and consumer studies
  • food science
  • environmental science
  • engineering
  • computing

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