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Earth, Ocean and Planetary Sciences Research

Earth, Ocean and Planetary Sciences Research

Sustaining future populations through informed use of Earth resources.

Understanding Earth system processes and our affect upon them

Our research focuses on understanding the processes that occur within the Earth system.

We look at how human exploitation, for energy, raw materials, food, and water, unsettle these processes.

Combining geological, biological and geochemical expertise

We focus on our ability to combine geological, biological and geochemical investigations. We:

  • analyse biomarkers in modern and ancient sediments
  • image the underground geology
  • investigate microbial processes in extreme environments
  • model global fluxes in the ocean and on land


We have extensive research skills across two research themes:


We're engaged in a vast array of projects that embrace and span our research themes. We're making major discoveries that are helping to provide sustainable energy for the future while protecting the planet.

Energy and natural resources projects

Biogeochemistry and the environment projects


Our publications are listed alphabetically by lead author under our two research themes.

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