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Agriculture Research

We're harnessing natural and social sciences for agriculture, food security and rural development.

There's increasing concern about food security and the sustainability of agricultural production. It's an issue for UK and EU policymakers, consumers and civil society.

Their concerns come from:

  • the predicted increase of the global population together with
  • pressure on non-renewable or scarce resources (energy, minerals and water)
  • the need to increase food production while minimising negative impacts on the environment

We aim to find solutions through strategic and adaptive research. We're investigating sustainable agriculture, food systems and rural development.

You can also find out about NU-Farms and our research facilities.

Research themes

We explore themes of:

  • safe, ethical and nutritious food
  • resource efficient and resilient production systems
  • sustainable landscapes and production systems
  • vibrant rural communities and enterprises

Expertise groups

We organise our research into two main expertise groups:

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