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Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems and Environment

We focus on the societal aspects of agriculture, food and the environment. We address the whole food chain, from the farm-gate to people’s food choices.

Transdisciplinary research with a global reach

Our transdisciplinary research has a global reach. We collaborate on projects with leading Asian, European, North and South American institutions.

We develop and apply qualitative and quantitative methodologies. They help us understand consumer attitudes and behaviours. They highlight their importance in protecting consumer health and the environment.

Consumer choices are key to ensuring the resilience of food systems. Our research on sustainable retailing uses experimental methods. They support the design of policies targeting a reduction in food-related carbon emissions.

Our research projects

Recent projects include those focus on understanding:

  • farmer, stakeholder and citizen priorities for ecosystem service delivery and future land management
  • farmer, stakeholder and end-user adoption of emerging agri-food technologies and innovations
  • consumer/citizen attitudes to farm animal welfare and economic implications for supply chains
  • societal preferences for alternatives to animal proteins

We also have expertise in environmental and resource economics. Our work on understanding consumer and producer behaviour helps increase food production sustainability.

State-of-the-art approaches

We develop and use state-of-the-art approaches to:

  • valuing environmental goods and services
  • estimating the acceptance of green technology
  • understanding drivers and barriers to sustainable behaviours
  • finding optimal solutions to problems that involve both economic and ecological systems