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About Healthier Lives Research

Explore our ambitions, goals, and focus in our healthier lives research.

There is growing evidence that lifestyle choices have profound effects on health and wellbeing. From conception to old age, what we eat, how physically active we are, and our alcohol use can have an impact. These are challenges shared by everyone around the world.

Our vision and approach

Our vision is to provoke a step change in intervention design, delivery and evaluation. Disrupting conventional thinking and approaches, we aim to improve health across the life course.

We want to improve health around the world, by creating interventions that are:

  • culturally acceptable
  • scalable
  • cost effective
  • sustainable

Interventions addressing contextual barriers

Our interventions are designed to recognise, and address, the:

  • integrated and interdependent nature of behaviours
  • social, cultural, and political environments

Leveraging technology and data

We work in inter-disciplinary teams that use:

  • evidence from biological and behavioural sciences
  • digital technologies including artificial intelligence
  • big data
  • other leading edge approaches

We engage with industry, policy makers, and civil society. We aim to co-produce more effective interventions to promote behaviour change and improved public health.

Our ambition

To establish the first UK Centre of Excellence on interventions to change connected behaviours and to improve public health globally

Our goal

To improve public health by understanding, developing, implementing, evaluating, stratifying, and translating novel interventions to change “lifestyle-related” behaviours and the wider environment.

Our focus

We focus on those behaviours, including diet, physical activity, and alcohol consumption, that drive many health outcomes globally. These include:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • micronutrient deficiencies
  • cardiometabolic disease
  • cancers
  • depression
  • dementia