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Health Intervention Projects

Health Intervention Projects

Research Grants

Award Value

Harrison S, Martin D, Kaner E, Rapley T, McPhee J. The co-creation of personalised multifaceted balance training delivered alongside pulmonary rehabilitation to reduce falls risk in people with COPD. NIHR Advanced Career Fellowship, 2021-26.


Campbell R, Jago R, Kidger J, deVocht F, Kaner E, van Sluijs E, Fairbrother H, Williams J, Womack J, Newsome C, Thomas K, Strong S. South-west School Health Research Network (SW-SHRN) – Creation of a network to characterise and improve adolescent mental health and well-being. NIHR SPHR Phase 2, 2020-22.


O’Donnell A, Hanratty B, Crossley N, Yardley L, Kaner E. ADEPT: Using complexity science and digital technology to improve co-morbid Alcohol use disorder and DEpression Prevention and Treatment. NIHR Advanced Career Fellowship (2020-24).


Salonen D, Kolemainen N, Kaner E, Smith V. The role of fathers in families and on reducing alcohol-related harm . Our ref: NIHR301146. HEE/NIHR ICA Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship, 2020-24, NIHR301146,


Adams E, Muir C, Smiles C, Dotsikas K, Crosby L, Widnall E, Ramsay S, Kaner E, O’Donnell A, Burrows M, Broadbridge A, Reed C. Exploring and understanding access to community-based mental health and addiction services for severe and multiple disadvantage service users and providers in Newcastle and Gateshead in times of extreme adversity. NIHR School of Public Health Research 2020-22.


Wolfe I, Kaner E, Forman J, McGovern R, Taylor Robinson D, Fox-Rushby J, Howard L, Boulding H, Baginsky M, Allard A, Hackett S, Fleming K, Mental Health and Substance use in Children and Families Experiencing Adversity or OveRcoming Adverse ChiLdhood Experiences (ORACLE). NIHR Policy Research Programme, PRP (ST-01-30), 2020-25.


McGovern R. Hackett S, Smart D, Alderson H, McGovern W, Cooling V, Kaner E. PaRental intimate partner viOlence and abuse: measuremenT of the risk of Exposing Children and the menTal health impact: PROTECT study, 2020-21, UK Research and Innovation, Violence Abuse and Mental Health Network.