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Translation into Innovative Policies, Products and Services

Our research is driving behavioural and policy changes.

The first 70 years of the NHS were hugely successful in helping people live longer in the UK.

But there are still areas for concern:

  • although life expectancy has increased substantially, the burden of poor health has also grown
  • people in the UK spend more than 20% of their lives in poor health
  • those who are least well-off have the shortest lives and the most ill-health
  • similar problems are seen globally and we have a shared responsibilty to address them

Overcoming health inequalities

These patterns appear all around the world, enhanced by poverty and inequalities.

Policies that focus on prevention and tackle problems such as obesity, will result in better health for everyone.

We will address this challenge by working with:

  • external partners in the public sector
  • the private sector
  • academics
  • policy-makers around the globe

Translating research into action

The solutions will need translation of successful interventions at all scales. These include:

  • individual and household behavioural changes
  • national and international policy changes

Our translational work will recognise the diversity of cultural and political environments. It will embrace the opportunities, and address the constraints, characteristic of each setting. 


For further information please contact Dr Frances Hillier-Brown.