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Healthier Lives Work

Multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Our work on healthier lives will provoke a step change in research on interventions in the area of lifestyle and health. We will do this through multi-disciplinary collaboration.

We aim to improve health across the life course. We will do this by disrupting conventional thinking and approaches. Our proposed interventions will impact globally by being:

  • culturally acceptable
  • scaleable
  • cost effective
  • sustainable

Our healthier lives work and interventions will address the interdependent nature of behaviours. Social, cultural, and political environments will be considered too.

To achieve these advances, we will use:

  • biological and behavioural sciences
  • digital technologies including artificial intelligence, big data, and other leading edge approaches.

We will engage with industry, policy makers, and civil society. Together we will co-produce effective interventions to promote and bring about behaviour change.


Our workstreams are:

  1. underpinning science
  2. intervention development
  3. evaluation of interventions
  4. translation into innovative policies, products, and services

They address key global public health challenges. These challenges are driven by many risk behaviours across the life-course including:

  • obesity
  • cardiometabolic disease
  • diabetes
  • micronutrient deficiencies
  • brain ageing
  • musculoskeletal health