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Intervention Development

Tackling syndemic risks related to diet, exercise and alcohol.

What we eat, how physically active we are and alcohol consumption have major effects on health and our risk of most common chronic diseases.

These behaviours do not occur in isolation aka syndemic risk. There is considerable advantage in considering them together.

Our ambition is to develop interventions that change behaviours and that result in better health for everyone globally.

Importantly, those interventions should be:

  • pervasive, reaching everyone
  • cost-effective
  • sustainable without adverse effects on the environment and on health of the planet

We will employ innovative multidisciplinary approaches. We will address the interrelations between socio-environmental factors and individual choices. From this work, we will develop, pilot and test at scale interventions that change behaviours around diet, physical activity, and alcohol use.

Our interventions will embed mechanisms that support sustained behavioural change. They will use learning and expertise not only from public health and public policy, but also from areas of strength in urban design, civic engagement and big data.


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