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Our Collaborations: Work with Us

We benefit from a wide range of collaborations and funding from a number of organisations and institutions.

Who we work with

Effective working in rare disease requires close collaboration with a range of actors. This includes:

  • clinicians
  • researchers
  • industry
  • policymakers
  • social care professionals, and many more

The most important stakeholders are the patients, their family, friends and carers. Our Centre places huge value on multistakeholder collaborations.

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Our track record

We work with a range of organisations and institutions to advance:

  • research
  • diagnostics
  • treatment
  • care

We collaborate both in our focal disease areas and across the broader rare disease field, with organisations including the following:

Our researchers receive funding from many sources, to a tune of over £120 million over the past decade. See diagram below for a breakdown of this figure:

Our local landscape

Our Centre is the research arm of our broader 'Newcastle Rare Disease' community. Through this community, our experts also engage in Newcastle's Academic Health Sciences Centre. Known as the Newcastle Health Innovation Partners (NHIP), it is one of only eight in the country. NIHR, NHS England and NHS Improvement accredit it.

This enables us to forge stronger links with local organisations, including:

  • Newcastle City Council
  • Academic Health Sciences Network
  • Cumbria, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear Trust

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