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Clinical Trial Design

Rare diseases benefit from our expertise across the board in designing and delivering clinical trials.

Statistically significant clinical research

Our Centre has particular expertise in the design of statistically significant clinical research in small populations. Rare diseases are a natural beneficiary of this expertise.
Incorporating researchers from several areas makes this possible, including, among others:

  • the Biostatistics Research Group in the University's Public Health Sciences Institute. This is led by Prof. James Wason.
  • the Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit
  • the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Our experts promote innovative methodological approaches to clinical trial design and delivery. These include basket, platform and umbrella trials. We also go beyond this, to test and refine these methodologies through real-life clinical research.

Prof. Dave Jones

Incorporating biomarkers in clinical trials

Our experts also identify appropriate methods for incorporating biomarkers into clinical trials. This allows them to stratify patients by treatment response. We are also seeking to improve methods for analysing composite endpoints.

Clinical Research Facility

A key resource here is our Newcastle Clinical Research Facility. We are developing a clinical trials 'hub' to support innovative early phase trials. This would then inform larger scale novel methodology trials with external funding.