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For Academics

We have vast experience and expertise in rare disease and are keen to explore new collaborations.

Significant expertise

Our Centre boasts almost 100 experts from across Newcastle University and Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust.

You can see the range of rare diseases we focus on here.

Vast experience

We have experience in how to approach many of the challenges inherent in rare disease:

  • understanding pathogenesis
  • collaborating around basic research across diseases. For instance, on common signalling pathways and 'downstream' features such as fibrosis
  • developing and trialling therapies, including ATMPs
  • diagnosing patients using -omics technologies and AI applications
  • repurposing medicines
  • creating and curating patient registries, for instance to support natural history and trial-readiness
  • developing clinical practice guidelines and patient guides
  • operating multidisciplinary centres of expertise. This ensures an integrated approach to care and holistic support.
  • designing statistically significant trials in small populations. We implement innovative methodologies such as basket and platform trials.
  • co-developing and delivering patient-centred research. Particularly important in a field with unique ethical, legal and social considerations.
  • elaborating and implementing policies relating to rare disease research, diagnostics, treatment and care

Our experts have years of experience partnering with other academic and research institutions. If you would like to collaborate with us, we would be happy to hear from you. Please email