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Our Disease Expertise: How We Work

Our Centre has a sterling track record in both research and clinical care delivery. This is across a wide range of rare diseases.

Broad expertise

Newcastle offers expertise in a broad range of rare diseases. The expertise spans both research and clinical care delivery.

Robust patient cohorts

We have honed our knowledge and our clinical services across decades. We have built robust patient cohorts and learnt from these individuals and their families to:

  • initiate and advance research into rare diseases
  • identify 'what works', in terms of slowing decline and boosting patient outcomes. And to improve quality of life
  • translate this expertise to our clinics

European Reference Network success

'Success in the European Reference Network (ERN) story shows the quality of our rare disease clinical services and research. Newcastle established and led three ERNs:

  • rare liver diseases
  • rare neuromuscular diseases
  • rare immunological, autoinflammatory and autoimmune diseases

This was more than any Centre anywhere in Europe. Our teams also participated in the ERNs for pulmonary, bone, and renal diseases'.

Dr. Michael Wright, Deputy Medical Director, Newcastle Hospitals

Active disease areas of research

The visual below shows the different disease areas in which our researchers and clinicians are active. To better understand the work we do across all rare disease areas, see Our Research.