School of Arts and Cultures



Our MA Programmes

Having an MA will help you develop key vocational and professional skills. Our alumni are highly successful in gaining work in these fields and form a global network of public sector professionals.

Our MA programmes provide our students with knowledge and skills that they need immediately, as well as those they will need later in their career.

The programmes give you a broader understanding of your chosen sector. They help you think critically about how organisations work, how the sector works and how that affects day-to-day working practices.

Develop your skills with us

This breadth and critical thinking are key strengths of an MA programme. This is possibly the only time in your career that you'll get a chance to develop these skills.

There are many reasons why people choose to do an MA with us, rather than gain skills on the job. People working in the cultural sector lead very busy working lives. Many have very little time to step back from their work and think about why they are doing what they are doing.

It's also true that not all employers can or do invest significant resources into developing their staff.

For these reasons, an MA course can be a great chance for you to develop your skills.

You'll gain knowledge and understanding that are broader than the specific set demanded by employers. This will continue to be valuable to both you and your employers throughout your career.

Our Partnerships

Our key partnerships mean that you will have access to the people, places and facilities that will help you build your career. Our students benefit from our international network, through placements, teaching and opportunities for doctoral research.

BBC Connect and Create Partnership

We work closely with the BBC Connect and Create Partnership. It aims to engage with universities in the North of England. The benefits of this Partnership include:

  • constant contact with BBC recruitment personnel
  • recruitment of our students
  • creative projects and innovation challenges which showcase student talents to BBC executives
  • master classes led by BBC experts on a wide range of skills
  • engagement with BBC policy-makers

Curriculum development

The BBC has informed the delivery of much of our curriculum. 

It encourages working in 'creative clusters' rather than in individually-defined roles. They emphasise projects rather than programmes, and the importance of developing creativity and innovation as well as skills and knowledge.

In some of our modules, our students work in creative clusters on projects in an entrepreneurial manner. They're assessed in part on creativity and innovation and elements which go beyond what they have been taught.

Press Association Partnership

The Press Association supports professional skills development and placements for the Media and Journalism programme.

Museums, Galleries and Heritage partnerships

We have a number of strong partnerships with museum, gallery and heritage organisations.

Locally, we have close links with Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

Nationally, have links with institutions such as Tate, National Galleries of Scotland and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Internationally, we have ongoing collaborations including POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw and the Amsterdam Museum.