Newcastle University’s dynamic and cutting-edge research in Media, Culture, Heritage is interdisciplinary and international in scope. The thriving and helpful research environment empowers staff to be committed, critical, and creative researchers who advance theoretical knowledge and impact policy and communities. We value working collaboratively with partners and stakeholders at local, regional and global level to bridge theory and practice.

In the UK Research Excellence Framework 2014 82% of our research was classified as ‘World Leading’ and ‘Internationally Excellent’. An important part of our research significance is our impact on social, cultural, environmental, economic and scientific concerns and events both within and beyond academia.

An example of such impact is Professor Peter Stone's work on improving the protection of cultural property during armed conflict. This research has impacted on non-governmental organisations, national and international policy makers (including HM Government), and the international military.

Another example is Dr Geetha Jayaraman and Dr Ian McDonald’s work on the multi-award winning film Algorithms (2012, 100 mins) that has had an international theatrical and DVD release. They are both members of the from the Research Centre for Film and Digital Media.

We are committed to connecting leading academic researchers with other people working on a deeper understanding of matters in governmental, non-governmental, creative, and community settings. Our shared aim is to foster and improve sustainable capacity for quality of life across ever-changing contexts and for diverse groups.

For the most recent REF we submitted research alongside the International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies. In the Unit of Assessment: Communication, Cultural and Media Studies (UoA36) we were ranked 12th out of 67 in the country.


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Our research environment is rated as world-leading and internationally significant.

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