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Media, Culture, Heritage

Media, Culture, Heritage

An exciting interdisciplinary area with strong social relevance. Find out more about...

Innovative, immersive research

Media, Culture, Heritage is an exciting subject area in the School of Arts and Cultures.

Staff and students with diverse expertise come together to understand a fast-changing world.

Together they can discuss how to address public concerns.

The unit offers innovative and immersive research and learning opportunities across many areas. These include Cultural Studies, PR, Journalism, Museum and Gallery Studies, Heritage, Film, and Communication.


Outstanding resources and opportunity

Newcastle has a strong reputation in student media. You can get involved with:

Our undergraduate students can also take advantage of opportunities to study abroad. Our EU postgraduate students can do funded work placements in Europe.

Newcastle is an area rich in heritage resources. There are world-famous museums and galleries such as:

We have strong links with media, culture and heritage sectors globally. Over 100 external guest speakers from industry contribute to our teaching. Our undergraduate students can take advantage of opportunities to study abroad. Our EU postgraduate students can do funded work placements in Europe.

Strong, friendly community

Our expert teaching staff have international research profiles, and our students are drawn from over 25 countries, providing a global perspective for your studies. We're a close-knit group of academics, professionals and students, working at the cutting-edge of our practice.  We take our pastoral responsibilities seriously. All of our students are supported and mentored throughout their studies to become part of this community.

The course balanced academic theory with practical skills to work within the sector - using people working within the field was excellent.

Media, Culture, Heritage graduate