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Event attendee travel expenses

If you're attending an event at the University you may be able to claim up to £10 in expenses.

Event attendee travel expenses

If you attend one of our specific student recruitment events, you may be eligible for travel reimbursement. You could receive travel expenses up to £10 per person.

You can claim travel expenses for the following events:

  • Get Ahead
  • Head Start to Uni
  • pop up events
  • parent and supporters guide to university
The famous arches at Newcastle University on a sunny day


To claim these expenses you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • meet any of the PARTNERS Programme Supported Entry eligibility criteria and the essential conditions
  • you are taking part in the Realising Opportunities Programme
  • you are taking part in the Sutton Trust Programme
  • you have experienced time in care
  • you are an asylum seeker or refugee
  • you are currently in receipt of, or entitled to, free school meals
  • you live in an area of the UK from which very few students progress to higher education

Evidence and how to apply

To receive your travel expenses, please provide evidence of your travel booking (unless you are claiming mileage for a car journey). This must include the cost of the purchase, such as a receipt or a photocopy of a travel ticket.

To apply, you must complete the form. Once completed, please submit it along with proof of purchase either via:

Any questions...

If you have any queries about the process, please contact us at: