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Our global alumni network is a unique community of former students making a real impact in the world.

On graduation you will become part of a global network of successful graduates.

Many of our alumni have gone on to senior roles in our professions, and in other careers. Practices value our graduates' mix of critical thinking, practicality and research skills.

Our school is nearly a century old and some of our graduates - such as Alison and Peter Smithson, and Terry Farrell - became celebrated in our fields.  

The Smithsons were noted architects and urban designers, most famous for inventing brutalism. Their archives can now be found at Harvard University in the US.

Sir Terry Farrell is one of the world’s most influential architects, planners and urban designers. He has recently donated his archive to Newcastle University, and has supported the Farrell Centre - a centre for cities and architecture. The centre is located on the edge of our campus and is due to open in 2021. 

We are proud to keep in touch with our international network of alumni, many of whom support the school by:

  • teaching with us
  • visiting our shows and exhibitions
  • supporting our events and activities