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Our research-driven education equips students not just for their first day in work, but to lead the professions and vocations that they will retire from.

The School of Architecture, Landscape, and Planning at Newcastle University offers a range of inspiring and challenging programmes at postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

We understand learning in our fields to be a collective endeavour that involves acquiring and exercising complex knowledge and skills.

These skills are best realised through a dynamic approach to learning — an ongoing process in which both students and teachers participate. We will challenge you, and we want you to challenge us back.

We foster an academic community that values openness, inclusiveness, and the pursuit of knowledge at the highest level.

The historic and dynamic city of Newcastle is important to the education we offer. From its Roman and medieval past, Newcastle became an industrial powerhouse with grand Georgian streets. Nowadays, our contemporary city is renowned for its community spirit, arts-led regeneration, sport, and nightlife.

Five national and international accrediting bodies recognise our courses. These bodies admit graduates to become members of their professions.