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Events in the School


The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape's Public Lecture Series showcases inspiring speakers currently researching, writing or practicing within the built environment and related fields. We also run a Research and Design Seminar Weekly Series where both internal and external guests present their current research work. 

Details of previous events and recordings of Public Lectures


  • Virtual Degree Show 2020

    An online showcase of students work throughout the year.

    Date/Time: 4pm Thursday 23 July 2020


  • Revisited Lecture: Tim Renshaw

    Painting in Architecture

    Date/Time: Wednesday 3 June 2020

  • Revisited Lecture: Anna Minton

    Big Capital: Who is the City for?

    Date/Time: Wednesday 27 May 2020

  • Revisited Lecture: Matrix and After

    Ways of Working Around Feminism

    Date/Time: Wednesday 20 May 2020

  • Revisited Public Lecture: Susan Fainstein

    Planning and the Just City

    Date/Time: Wednesday 6 May

  • Revisited Public Lecture: Professor Martyn Dade-Robertson

    Biotechnology in the Built Environment

    Date/Time: Wednesday 29 April

  • Revisited Public Lecture: Professor Fiona McLachlan

    Colour in Architecture

    Date/Time: Wednesday 22 April 2020

  • AHRA 17th Annual PhD Student Symposium ‘Research Encounters via Architecture’s Methods’, Wednesday 22 — Thursday 23 April 2020.

    Date/Time: 22 April 2020, 9:00 - 17:00

    Venue: Newcastle University

  • On Power in Architecture - Symposium in Ljubljana

    Andrew Ballantyne will be a key note speaker at the symposium on 26 September

    Date/Time: Thursday 26 September, 10am - 4pm

    Venue: Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana

  • Primer Exhibition

    The Primer show is a celebration of the first four weeks’ output from Stage 3

    Date/Time: Monday 11 November 4.30pm - 6pm

    Venue: Architecture Building

  • NAHS: British New Brutalism as viewed from the 21st century

    Dr Steve Parnell

    Date/Time: Wednesday 23 October 19:00

    Venue: Fine Art Lecture Theatre, King Edward VII building, Newcastle University

  • Architecture and Ideology: Discussion

    Andrew Ballantyne presents his views on this complex subject in Ljubljana

    Date/Time: Wednesday 25 September 6pm

    Venue: Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana

  • The United Nations and the human rights to water and sanitation by Professor Léo Heller

    Date/Time: Monday 15 July 4 - 5pm

    Venue: Stephenson Building F13 (Room 1.07)

  • GURU Film Night: Chungking Express

    Date/Time: 7pm Wednesday 26 June 2019

    Venue: Quilliam Brothers' Teahouse Cinema

  • Feminist reading group: Vulnerability in Resistance

    Date/Time: Wednesday 1 May 2019 4.00pm

    Venue: Lounge area, Courtyard Restaurant

  • Our Kind of Town Public Lecture: Luxified Troglodytism?

    Professor Roger Burrows will be the speaker at this public lecture, organised by LivingMaps Network in association with the Institute of Advanced Studies UCL

    Date/Time: 18:00 - 20:00 Wednesday 29 May 2019

    Venue: IAS Forum Ground floor, South Wing, UCL London WC1E 6BT

  • One hundred and thirty million pounds of earth

    Date/Time: Friday 17 May - Saturday 6 July 2019

    Venue: Shieldfield Art Works (formerly Holy Biscuit)

  • Growing living cities - Pint of Science

    Date/Time: Monday 20th May 7.30 - 9.30pm

    Venue: Ernest, 1 Boyd Street, Newcastle, NE2 1AP

  • Architectural Research Creative Practice Folio Show

    Date/Time: Tuesday 30 April - Thursday 9 May 2019

    Venue: Crit 1, Architecture Building

  • A Zero-Hour City: London’s Terminalia, or Writing in the End Times

    Ed Charlton, LSE

    Date/Time: Wednesday 1 May 2.30pm - 3.30pm

    Venue: Private Dining Room, Courtyard Restaurant, Old Library Building, Newcastle University

  • Community, Design, Practice Exhibition

    Fenham Pocket Park & Scotswood Natural Community Garden Exhibition

    Date/Time: Tuesday 2nd - 26th April

    Venue: The Gallery, Architecture Building

  • RIBA President's Medals 2018

    Date/Time: 21 March 2019 to 4 April 2019

    Venue: XL Gallery Fine Art Building Newcastle University

  • Small Talk from NUAS with Jo McAfferty, Director at Levitt Bernstein

    Date/Time: Wednesday 27 February 5.30pm

    Venue: The Gallery, Architecture Building

  • Small Talk from NUAS with Alan Jones, RIBA President-Elect

    Date/Time: Monday 18 February 5.30pm

    Venue: Lecture Theatre 2.01, King Edward VII Building, Newcastle University

  • Small Talk from NUAS with Neil Murphy, co-founder of TOWN

    Date/Time: Wednesday 13 March 5.30pm

    Venue: The Gallery, Architecture Building

  • Out of the wreckage: a new politics for an age of crisis

    Date/Time: Thursday 22 November 2018 18:30 - 20:00

    Venue: Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building, Newcastle University