School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape


Architecture Research Collaborative (ARC)

ARC comprises a diverse group of scholars whose work ranges across key topics in contemporary international architecture and landscape research.

Structured around 3 multidisciplinary and interconnected research concerns – matter + ecologies, histories + cultures of the built environment and the processes + practices of architecture – ARC is one of the strongest and most vibrant centres of architectural research in the UK. As home to world-leading researchers and multi-million pound projects, as well as one of the largest cohorts of post-doctoral fellows in the UK context, we are committed to building an inclusive culture of collaboration that engages with early career researchers and students, and with practitioners, industry and publics beyond the school, through collective symposia, exhibitions and public events; publications and research-led teaching at all levels from undergraduate to PhD.

Our researchers come from a wide range of backgrounds including design, artistic and professional practice; participatory action and temporary urbanism; engineering and construction; digital design, emergence and living systems; ethnography, architectural history and critical theory. We aim to foster a dynamic research environment that cuts across conventional disciplinary divisions and brings individual specialisms to bear collectively on the complexity demanded by architectural questions. We recognize the unique research potential of creative practice, visual and architectural methods for each of our themes, celebrating experimental, speculative and artefactual outputs as forms of justification as much as argument, evidence and data.

Together with our partner research centre GURU in SAPL, we host weekly research seminars and many ARC members collaborate with GURU on research projects and PGR supervision. Our members habitually collaborate with other schools in HASS, in SAGE and in the medical school, and with the interdisciplinary research institutes NICAP, NUHRI and NISR, as well as nationally and internationally beyond Newcastle University.

ARC is home to the international journal arq: architectural research quarterly, published by Cambridge University Press. Mirroring ARC’s commitment to multidisciplinary architectural research, arq is unique in its drawing together peer-reviewed research on architecture from the full range of related disciplines including professional practice, design, technology, architectural history and theory.