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Our Postgraduate Research Students

Read about the research interests of our current PGR students in the School

Harry Thompson The Withdrawn Design: Object-Oriented Ontology and Architectural Practice   

Harith Farooq Omar Urban Greening and City Design: The case of Amman, Jordan 

Iddrisu Yakubu The Proliferation of Shopping Malls and its Impact on Existing Retail Outlets in Accra, Ghana 

Abdulrahman Almajadiah Transforming the City towards Walkability: the Case Study of Central Makkah, Saudi Arabia 

Monika Brandic Lipinska Alien Technology for Alien Worlds: Design for Biological Construction of Living Habitation on Mars 

Rusudan Mirzikashvili Heritage and Landscape: Making trans-sectoral connections in governance and legislative frameworks 

Sadaf Tabatabaei 

Ellis Douglas “Sustainability” and “Reversibility”: A Genealogical Investigation into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) 

Emmanuel Odugboye Environmental Impact of Non-Pharmacological Interventions on the care of Frailty and Dementia in the Tropics 

Ray Verrall (Re)constructing the 1958 RIBA Oxford Conference on Architectural Education 

Nagham El Elani Space, a Bridge Connecting Online and Offline Learning 

Katy Smith Coast and Country: Understanding Social Inequalities in Rural Coastal Communities in Contemporary England 

Bobbie Bailey Supporting community-led future visioning through the reimagination of underused public spaces 

Elena Balzarini - Ecologies of the housing threshold. Investigating the boundary between domestic and public in British housing through an ecological perspective. 

Sarah Ackland - Transformative Spaces for Women: Running in the City 

Sonali Dhanpal Contested Bangalore: Caste, Colonial and Princely Politics 

Lingfei Kong - War-related defensive constructions in Mainland China influenced by political factors during the early Cold War 

Pierangelo Marco Scravaglieri Liquid Architecture 

Tinatin Meparishvili The effects of mass tourism and heritage commodification on heritage communities and the urban environment in historic cities 

Ikbal Berk The Effects of Participatory Design Tools on Community Engagement in Developing Neighbourhoods 

Laura Mark Experiencing architecture in the house-museum: An auto-ethnographical study of the phenomenology of the domestic realm in Walmer Yard 

Wahbi Albasyouni - A Proposal for the Use of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) Based Risk Assessment Tool for Green Buildings in Egypt 

Oluwakemi Adeboje Exploring the design delivery process in Architectural firms in Nigeria 

John Naylor A computational design approach to full-culm bamboo 

Jennie Day Are We There Yet? A Critical Analysis of Autonomous Vehicle Future Imaginaries

Elantha Evans Architecture, education and the empathic imagination 

Wahbi Albasyouni Developing a Framework for Risk Assessment of Construction Projects in Egypt using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

Lotte Dijkstra Intersectional Belonging: Exploring equitable access to urban forest qualities across communities

Byung Choon Hwang Participation of community in heritage-led regeneration

 Natalie Bamford Accessing Embodied Knowledge of Place Through Walking Prompts and Hermeneutic Phenomenology