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Academic Journals

Academics in our school edit three globally-leading peer reviewed academic journals in our disciplines.

We produce two globally respected, peer-reviewed academic journals: 

  • Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 
  • arq: Architectural Research Quarterly

The Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Architecture is also based at APL.

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management

This Journal began in 1992 focused on the integrated planning and management of the environment. It established itself as a leading forum for up-to-date and accessible scholarly papers, covering all aspects of environmental planning and management. 

This academic journal, published by Taylor and Francis, focuses on research findings, policy analyses, and practical management experiences. It provides readers with a wide range of information. 

This makes it essential reading for researchers and other specialists. Especially those in planning and management with practical, technical, social, and political problems. Occasional special issues provide in-depth treatment of contemporary issues or research areas.

arq: Architectural Research Quarterly

arq is published by Cambridge University Press and covers cutting-edge work covering all aspects of architectural endeavour. 

Contents include: building design, urbanism, history, theory, environmental design, construction, materials, information technology, practice.

Other features include interviews, reports and book reviews, and an end features, Letter From... and Insight. Elegantly designed, inspirational, and often provocative, arq is essential reading for practitioners in industry and consultancy as well as for academic researchers.

Journal of Architecture

The Journal of Architecture is one of the foremost architecture academic journals internationally. It began in 1996 and publishes texts in architectural humanities, architectural research, urbanism, technology, and sustainability. It is published by Taylor and Francis in conjunction with the Royal Institute of British Architects.