Newcastle University Business School

Beijing, China

Beijing Alumni Branch

Join our alumni community in Beijing. Meet the committee and find out how to contact them.

Meet the Beijing committee

  • Qilong Wang (Tristan), International Human Resources Management 2014
  • Mengjie Guo (Joyce), International Business Management 2010
  • Yuou Luo (Romeo), International Marketing 2016
  • Shangze Li (Nicholas), Human Resource Management 2010
  • Song Guo (Craig), International Marketing       2010
  • Jianfeng Liu (JF), Economics 2006
  • Maggie Yang,
  • Molei Li (Molly), Strategic Planning and Investment 2012
  • Yutao Hua, Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship 2009
  • Dongji Li (Deseree), Global Human Resource Management    2012
  • Yi-Hsin Lin (Steven), Arts, Business and Creativity 2015
  • Yanli Wang (Elvis), Arts Business and Creativity 2015
Skyline view of Beijing

Connect with us

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