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Reach magazine

Read the latest research insights and impact from Newcastle University Business School.

World-leading research

As a leading business school, we're committed to shaping an inclusive, responsible future. We take a creative approach to solving complex challenges. We do this by drawing on our evolving expertise to address the core challenges of the day in a collaborative environment.

Reach magazine highlights the latest research and insights from Newcastle University Business School. It showcases our impactful work as we tackle a wide range of global issues.

Published twice a year, it is available in digital format online.

Hands holding the September 2023 issue of Reach magazine from Newcastle University Business School

What's inside?

Each issue of Reach magazine contains contributions from leading academics. Inside you'll find a variety of articles and features, such as:

  • exclusive research insights
  • comment pieces from renowned academics
  • in-depth analysis of industry trends
  • conversations with leading experts

Read the latest issue

In the September 2023 issue of Reach magazine, we showcase research which covers a broad range of global and societal issues.

This includes:

  • diversity in the workforce
  • shining a spotlight on neurodiversity
  • exploring how political bias can influence social behaviour
  • the importance of shopping local

and much more.


Featured articles

Take a sneak peek at our latest issue through our featured articles. Dive into narratives that matter and explore topics such as workforce diversity and neurodiversity. Gain fresh insights into how we're shaping a brighter future.

The role of the banking system in preserving biodiversity

Dr Nikolaos Papanikolaou, Senior Lecturer in Finance, discusses the need for banks to invest in projects that promote biodiversity.

Staff wellbeing is key to social enterprise success

Dr Wee Chan Au, Lecturer in Management Practice, explores the realities for staff working in social enterprises who often feel unfulfilled despite their dedication.

Promoting neurodiversity to address the global mental health crisis

Dr Josephine Go Jefferies delves into the transformative potential of neurodiversity in mental health and marketing strategies.