Newcastle University Business School

Shanghai, China

Shanghai Alumni Branch

Join our alumni community in Shanghai. Meet the committee members and find out how to contact the branch.

Meet the Shanghai committee

  • Patrick Behar-Courtois, MBA 2004
  • Kongbin Li (Steven), Economics with Information System 2005
  • Yue Li (Kelvin), International Financial Analysis 2002
  • Ruya Zhang, Cross Cultural Communication and International Marketing 2015
  • Yuqi Han, Economics and Finance 2016
  • Weizun Jia (Jeff), Economics and Finance 2016
  • Wenqing Lin (Rachel), International Financial Analysis 2014
  • Benjamin Yang, International Business Management 2011

Honorary member

  • Jessie Su, Newcastle University employee / China representative
Skyline view of Shanghai

Connect with us

You can contact us by email.