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Jennifer Barrett

This is Creative Enterprise CIC (TICE)

2012 graduate Jennifer is giving students a taste of the creative industry!

About This is Creative Enterprise CIC (TICE)

TICE aims to give young people a taste of the opportunities that exist within the commercial creative, design and digital industries. They work with youths from four to twenty-four years old across businesses, schools, colleges and universities and provide an emporium of brilliant ideas, incredible innovation and inspiring opportunities in the form of ever-evolving projects. Ultimately, TICE works towards providing students across the north east with creative innovation through business enterprise.

Jennifer formed TICE as a response in finding little to nothing to support young people who were considering options in the commercial creative, design and rising digital sectors. With a creative background myself in fashion herself, Jennifer was regularly asked into schools and colleges to relay her experience working in the fashion industry within the North East. What started with guest speaking and short skills workshops in 2008 then developed into a sustainable creative programme delivered in secondary schools throughout the North East region. TICE now offers ten creative areas for young people to explore and to date over 2,500 people have benefited from the programme and gone on to incredible careers. As recognition of their success, TICE has won the Design Skills award at the National Creative & Cultural Skills Awards Ceremony in 2016 which was awarded by the Design Council for recognition of inspirational mentors who provide young people with the opportunity to work and learn within the creative industries.

Number of employees: 3 - 10


Five-year vision: We are now onto our 11th academic year with the TICE programme and it’s lovely to see it organically grow throughout the region. We would like to continually welcome more secondary schools to be involved in the opportunities we can provide to engage them in industry and higher educational experiences. In addition, this year we have just launched TICE International. We have started working with schools in the USA, China, Kazakhstan and Romania to provide unique creative projects for young students across the globe to participate in. It’ll be extremely exciting to see this develop.

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