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Ika Nurfitriani Listyanti

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About Ika

Current Job: Organisation, System and Learning Expert at Lintasarta
Current Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Nationality: Indonesian
LinkedIn: Ika Nurfitriani Listyanti

About Ika's Career

Since graduating, what have you gone on to do? 
Right after graduation in 2015, I went back to work for Lintasarta as a Talent Management Senior Officer for two years (I was assigned as a Recruitment Officer before I did my Master in Newcastle). In 2017, I then decided to resign from the company to pursue another Master’s degree in Maastricht University, Netherlands, majoring in Work and Organisational Psychology to give myself another perspective about HR. After completing my second Masters in 2018, I took a new opportunity to join a business consulting firm founded in 2013 by a colleague of mine, where I held the role of Vice President of People and Organisation. I was responsible for both managing the internal team and handling projects related to human resources for our clients. After ten months in the role, I was rehired by Lintasarta, my previous employer, as an Organisation, System & Learning Expert. In this role, I am responsible for designing and implementing the knowledge management system as it has been one of the main priorities of the company for the last two years.

Is the above what you planned to do before starting university?
Yes it was, more or less. In principle, I did hope that having a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management would equip me with the necessary business skills, adding value to my previous educational background (Psychology) and accelerating my career. I planned to be able to hold a more significant role in an organisation which would allow me to make decisions. Now I feel that everything I obtained during my study in Newcastle has helped me to grow, both personally and professionally, and opened up those possibilities for me to hold a more challenging role than I have held before.

About Ika's Newcastle Experience

What was your favourite thing about your course?
My favourite thing about the course was the fact that I had the chance to study in an international environment for the very first time, which was a really life-changing experience for me.

Were you involved in any other extra curriculum activities or societies during your time here?
I joined the Indonesian Students Association in the UK (PPI UK) and was involved in organising some activities for Indonesian students and also students from other countries in the UK. One of the activities I helped organise was “Discover Indonesia”, which was held in Newcastle.

About Ika's Future

How do you see future technologies and new ways of working (Future of Work) affecting your sector?
It might be true that some roles in organisations are no longer considered as useful and may soon disappear as they can be replaced by technology. This kind of situation can be challenging for me as an HR professional since I need to ensure a balance between keeping up with current technology trends and maintaining the crucial skills and knowledge so that they will stay in the company even though there are staff in key positions who have to leave.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
I hope to have the opportunity to hold a managerial position in a well-established company (either for my current employer or another organisation) while also running a community that will focuse on promoting mental health for working professionals.

Profile uploaded: 14/02/20